Throughout my childhood I spent many hours in my room drawing house plans, deciding where to put the windows, the doors, thinking how the armchairs would look from above … It was my architecture studio and from time to time I asked my brother for a job here and there.

Those houses were an excuse to invent stories about the people who lived there and also to imagine what my life would be like there.

I studied Arts, I graduated in Sculpture making and immediately I began to work at a museum. There I led guided tours and produced educational materials. For 10 years I was the bridge between the work of artists and visitors,

I started my job as a visual arts teacher in schools, institutes, cultural houses and play libraries and later I got to know Creative Education, attending to the processes of play and learning from listening.

Today, I provide advice on creative processes. I integrate what I have learned through Art and Creative Education. By providing advice for others’ creative processes, I also have to pay attention to my own creativity, because that’s what my own listening and attention depend on to be reliable.

Since 2012 I have been a part of the E.D.I.P.O. School. It is the great laboratory where I am learning to support my own creative process, defining and sustaining the conditions that favor my own personal growth. In September 2019 I became a qualified Teacher of the School. At the workshops and talks I impart, I transmit what I learn thanks to the Method of Magic.