I asked God for helpers (whom I call my crutches). Before I was born he probably told me: Take this in your suitcase: Word and Light. With this you have more than you need. And so I took, very obediently, a photo camera, a pencil and a notebook. First was writing, then photography and now they live together, helping each other, talking in and out from each other’s homes.

A dreamer since the day I was born, a writer from an early age and a late photographer, I graduated as a school teacher (1996, University of La Rioja) and for almost a decade that was my job . I stopped in 2005 when I started to walk the path of images, studying professional photography at IVASFOT (Basque Photography Institute), in Donostia-San Sebastián. In 2007 I inaugurated my first study and for many years I was the reference for social photography in the city, collaborating with international artists, and imparting workshops and conferences

Following my own circle of expansion and retraction, in 2015 I decided to invert the order and dedicate myself completely to a more intimate and introspective work. The workshop ‘The construction of a personal project’ with Ricky Dávila at the CFC (Contemporary Photography Centre) of Bilbao helped me to discover the keys to my own living and visual speech. Once I was reconciled with the word and with myself, the camera became the passport I used to travel to the inimaginable spaces of my surroundings.

In march of 2019, based on desire to bring out an intimate part of my infinite box of thoughts, I published Más cerca del paraíso (Closer to Paradise) (Editorial Círculo Rojo), a poetry book where the visible and the invisible connect in the same spider web. From 2020 I am a part of the Yehudi Menuhim Foundation as a volunteer in the MUSE programme, integrating Art into the curriculum, where creativity, art and consciousness are always present. In the fusion with other disciplines, I find the openness and flexibility that enrich myself, a world I am interested into exploring. .

The word indicates the direction
Light is the path
Art is the desire to connect my human heart to the divine.