Art is my mother tongue. The traces and colors were my first ways to express myself, they were my first words. Later came theater, dance, violin studies, for years I explored different Art disciplines.

I studied Arts at the Central University of Barcelona and by chance I found myself back in the land of my ancestors, Euskadi. There I found the best connection to start my journey in the field of Sexuality. I studied in “Sustraia”, the Basque Sexology School, and from there, for more than 10 years, I started my own process of research, learning the true meaning of the sexual encounter, intimacy, pleasure and my place in all of it.

In the Basque Country I began to teach, creating Sexuality Workshops in the form of coffee shop talks, similar to what artists did at the beginning of the 20th century.

My love for traveling and different cultures led me to connect with teachers in different disciplines, which opened a door to the spiritual dimension of Sexuality and life itself.

These two paths, Art and Sexuality, ran in parallel in my life Then in 2011 a beautiful coincidence led me to know about the 11 Steps of Magic. It made me understand the higher meaning of my interests in ancestral cultures and the connection between all the disciplines whose relationship I hadn’t discovered until then.

One particular question marked the direction of my inner and outerjourney. What does it mean to Integrate Art and Sexuality? What´s my understanding about it?

Since then, I keep growing thanks to the Initiatory keys I learn at the Activities, Conferences, Sessions, Dinners and Journeys made by the E.D.I.P.O. School, led by José Luis Parise and Marcela Luchetta.

Based on this Teaching, I also teach, using my own journey through Art and Sexuality in My Own Creation and workshops, “Arte Encendido”. Since 2018 I am a qualified Teacher of the E.D.I.P.O. School at an Explanatory level.