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Welcome to We Baraka

What is Baraka? Baraka is Magic, to find the Divine in everyday things. To discover Magic in your life, there’s only one condition-your Desire to start this Journey.

For each one of us, We Baraka is our bridge, a center for research on Artistic Creation based on The 11 Steps of Magic. This Method follows the Teaching that all of the world’s Original Cultures, and the Great Masters in each of those Cultures, have in common. We apply that Teaching to Art. We use Art as a tool to create the reality we want and connect ourselves with the Divine in each one of us.

Art is a bridge connecting two places that we think are impossible to connect. This is Glow Art, Integrating Art and Sexuality. This is Art that transcends the artistic object, using a canvas that includes all the areas in the artist’s life.

We want every Activity or creation to not be separated from our daily lives. Our artistic activities and our lives must feed into each other and grow simultaneously. We are focused on producing our own artistic creations and teaching, through our experiences, other people to create whatever they want. For that purpose, we organize open talks, meetings and events.

We also promote the development and artistic exchange between Creators coming from all disciplines and we act as advisors for Artistic Projects.
We mainly work with women, but we also organize events for both sexes.

You will always be very welcome in Baraka.


All the Activities held at We Baraka are based on The 11 Steps of Magic.

The things you’ll learn at our Activities are applicable to anything you want to create or transform in your life, on a path from the Subtle to the Dense.