The Glow Art

_by Sargam

“From emptiness desire is born”

The Glow Art is the result of integrating a powerful source of energy, Sexuality, with Art. It combines forces that are apparently impossible to unify.

Art is either brilliant, or it is not Art. For that I need to shine myself so I will also make my own creation shine. This will only happen when I use the millennial keys to put the chaos of sexuality in order and fly high using Art.

Glow meditation

_by Sargam

Einstein used to say that the mind is like a parachute, it only works when it is open. And how do you open your mind? When we learn to listen to what we’re saying and we let go of what we think we’re saying, emptying our minds of what we automatically accept as truth.



_by Maitri

In this activity we work with plastic arts in educational and artistic projects that take place in schools, culture centers, museums… We also work on collective creations with the city as the main scenario.


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Since 2011 we’ve been organizing Deva & Miten and Manose’s concerts on their annual world tours in San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona.