Many people have collaborated in We Baraka and helped it become an everyday reality for Us. On behalf of We Baraka, we want to Thank you for all the good things you’ve done for us.

Firstly our Biggest Thanks is to Jose Luis Parise y Marcela Luchetta for teaching us how to LIVE, in Capital Letters, to deal with the most challenging things and therefore create The Best Version of Ourselves. Thank you for Teaching us how to Teach, Think and Know what to do. Thank you for Making Magic be a part of our lives and teaching us that such a great thing is only the only bridge to the Light

Thanks to our companions at the E.D.I.P.O. School, who are nowadays the best Allies in our Path.Thank you for showing us what it is that we do and that we don’t do. Thanks to our parents, for setting the foundations for us to be so interested in the impossible, and for supporting us throughout all those moments, even if you didn’t really understand what we were doing.

Thanks to Kumar Mahiques, for your love, your endless support and for helping us to be always in the best place.

Thanks to Assisha Rivas for all your help, for lending not just a hand, but 1000 hands, your tireless strength, just like a beetle that can lift its own weight times 1180.

Thanks to Xabi Garro for bringing light into the Pajarera, for your sparking personality.

Thanks to Maneesha Garbizu for your beers and delicious olives, which are always a blessing.

Thanks to Urko Rivas for all the times we laugh with Oscar the lizard and for your endless hugs as well.

Thanks to the weekly “Meditación Encendida” group , Thanks for saying yes to the things we’ve been doing together and still do so for more than 4 years already.

Thanks to Diego for leaving your most precious jewel in our hands.

There are many who have Accompanied us in our path and in one way or another contributed to We Baraka. We are very grateful to all of you.
Thanks to the many who have contributed through the years in many ways. Tito, Ikerne, Mertxe, Leire, Imanol, Laura, Ainhoa, Nartan, Eva, Cristina, Javi, Irene, Anne, Eli, Lierni, Antton, Roge, Deva, Miten, Manose, Sakha, Demetrius, Vichitra, Goren, Maritxu, Josune, Joseba, Miguel, Natxo, Satyarthi, Prabhati, Carla, Paco…

And thanks to the many others who have been a part of the Groups, Sessions, Workshops, and Events we have imparted during these years.