Zubiak means bridges in Basque
Zu – Means you
BI – Means two
A – the unity of two places, creating a bridge between one and the other

In this activity we work with plastic arts in educational and artistic projects that take place in schools, culture centers, museums… We also work on collective creations with the city as the main scenario.

Our job is to create the conditions to go through the process, from the idea until its full realization, taking into consideration the main objective, what is missing, and the interests of those who are part of the creations.

We work with Listening, from the subtle states of reality. First we invite you to paint with your word, i.e. define a plan, way what you want, what for and why. How do you build a bridge to what we want?

We use the tools of the 11 Steps of Magic, which provide a firm, flexible structure, a bridge to connect with what we want. The 11 Steps are a Map that defines the structure to make your own creation.

Our job is to decide which tools to use and the assessment through all the steps of the process of creation. In this activity we work with children and teenagers. We have created projects in schools, cultural centers and also in the city.