The Glow Art

“From emptiness desire is born”

The Glow Arte is the result of integrating a powerful source of energy, Sexuality, with Art. It combines forces that are apparently impossible to unify.

Art is either brilliant, or it is not Art.

For that I need to shine myself so I will also make my own creation shine. This will only happen when I use the millennial keys to put the chaos of sexuality in order and fly high using Art.

Using the 11 Steps of Magic, we learn to differentiate if what we create is the byproduct of the automatic conditioning inside ourselves or if it is a Unique Creation, applying universal laws that work and allow you to go beyond what you think, you can, you have, you know and you believe.

Only then is it possible to receive the things we couldn’t listen before, move towards places where we’ve never been before, develop new neurological paths and connect with unknown solutions in the fields of our thoughts, words, feelings and actions.

In this Path, neither Art nor Sexuality are what we assume they are for.a hobby, a transitory pleasure or something that’s only useful to create objects.This Path teaches us through our Own Creation, that art, and what I called The Glow Art, doesn’t come down only to the areas that we think are art.

Art in all the original cultures of humanity (shamans, the Greeks, the Tibetans, Egypt, etc.) is used as a tool to create, to connect with reality and to access the Sacred.

The Glow Art is a trip through individual and group creativity, as an introduction to the 11 Septs of Magic. Together we will learn to light the sparkle that inspires new states of awareness.

We make Glow Art as a tool that transcends the physical work. It is a creation that is not limited to a paining, or a video etc.. It addresses all the areas of the creator’s life.

In this path it’s not so important what we create, but the person who creates it, especially the question about where the creation is made from. The most important thing is not the technique, or whether you know a lot of things or not, but your desire to create something new, unveiling the ancestral and the unknown and using that as materials.

Our Activities and Events can be either in person or online

Our offer:

Artistic process counselling

Are there issues that keep turning up in your life and prevent you from carrying on with your creation? Do you want your artistic project to go beyond what you think is possible?

1001 Nights

Creative nights where we make sexuality transcend what we think it is for. We transform it into art, asking new questions that open up new universes.

Walk in art

The trip is our canvas. There is only one main force: desire.

We propose walking the Camino de Santiago and turning the trip into a work of art. To that end, we’ll use everything we come across, what we find along the way and also what happens with our group.