1001 Magic nights among women

In the 1001 Nights, Sultan Shahriar spent every night with a different virgin, only to have them decapitated the next day sends, as revenge for his first wife’s betrayal. He had already sentenced more than three thousand women to death when he met Scheherezade.

The daughter of Shahriar’s great visir, Scheherezade offers herself to the king against her father’s will to quell his anger. Once in the royal chambers, Scheherezade asks the Sultan to let her say goodbye toher beloved sister, Dunyazaad, one last time. He agrees to her request. After finding her sister, she asks Scheherezade for a story. This had been planned by Scheherezade herself, and so the Sultan’s wife starts telling a story that lasts the whole evening.

Scheherezade keeps the king awake. He listens to her, astonished and interested in the first story and so he asks her to continue until the next night. Shahriar keeps her alive with anticipation to the next story.

What does this story show?

In our sexuality there are things that happen which we wish they didn’t. They repeat over and over again, following a occult pattern that affects every area in our lives.

We also want for some things to happen, but they don’t no matter how much effort we put into them. The 1001 Nights tells us about a story that has been given to us and that always has the same result. It also provides us with the Opportunity to write a new story.

Sexuality can become a story that goes beyond the things that put an end to a relationship, a job, a business, against our wishes. Some things die or aren’t even born in our reality because we’re following the stories we’ve been told about ourselves or reality, which we accept without even questioning it. For sexaulity to go beyond that, we need to reveal that occult story we were told, and decide what Story each one of us wants to create, in order to make our relationships to be something worth remembering in all the fields of our lives. We learn to make Art out of our intimacy.

The 1001 Magic Nights among women are a new, vivid experience, full of humor and depth, where we’ll learn to think, listen, question and ask about the things we think we can, know, have and must do, in a continuous creative night.