Walk in Art

The trip is our canvas. There’s only one main force: desire.

We propose walking the Camino de Santiago and turning the trip into a work of art. To that end, we’ll use everything we come across, what we find along the way and also what happens with our group.

We will use different materials for artistic creations. We will draw, create objects and practice active meditation as a way to ask questions and set the bases to materialize what we want in our lives.

First, you have to completely empty yourself of the ideas that set a limit to our own creation. You’ll discover where they come from, what they determine and why they influence what we produce in our everyday lives, what prevents us from going where we want to go, and what we decide as our goals… These are questions we’ll ask ourselves along the path. With the artistic experience and the word, we will open the way to new answers, which at the same time will bring forth new questions.

We will use the Ancestral Maps that have been transmitted by the Original Cultures and will establish the coordinates of our trip. You don’t need to be an artist to participate in this route. You only have to have the will to create what you want in your life. The things you’ll learn here, you’ll take them with you to every area in your life: your job, family, home and daily activities.